About Us

Big Mountain Campground has been a family run business for many years.  It was stared in 1970 by Jim and Carolyn Ockey.  With 5 children, 19 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren, the campground has always been and stays a family affair. In the beginning it was established as a campground/ranch operation. Horse rides and ice cream socials were part of the everyday occurrence.  Although now separate operations we still maintain the small town personal feel.  The Horseshoe bar Ranch and farm land still surrounds the premises. We pride ourselves in our rich history. The smell of fresh cut hay, a newborn calf, or the breathtaking views of the mountains are still found on our ranch. The campground has provided us with a great opportunity to grow and become an oasis of rustic atmosphere for those who stay. We provide a variety of fun filled areas for you to enjoy. Whether your family oriented, resort searching, or camping bound we provide the perfect situation for you to create everlasting memories. We cherish and enjoy the friendships and acquaintances we have with those who stay with us.  This year we feel very honored and privileged to carry on the family interest and manage the campground.  We hope that you too can become part of our circle of friends and enjoy the greatest place on earth.... Ockey's Big Mountain Campground.


Scott and Melanie
Family Manager's
Big Mountain Campground